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Music Detection


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Music Detection

Easily identify your favorite songs with Secrétaire AI's built-in Shazam feature.

Whether you're dancing at a lively party, relaxing in front of a captivating movie, or simply listening to the radio, Shazam is there to help you unravel the musical mystery. With Secrétaire AI at your fingertips, just launch the application and let Shazam work its magic.

Using Shazam is as simple as it is fast. When you hear an intriguing song, tap the Shazam button and let the app listen to the melody. In just a few seconds, Shazam will deliver detailed information about the song, revealing its title, the artist who performed it, and the album it belongs to.

Shazam doesn't just help you identify unknown songs. It also opens the doors to a limitless musical world. With Shazam, you can quickly discover new music that matches your tastes and moods. Create personalized playlists and immerse yourself in a unique musical experience.

Once you've identified a song that captivates you, Shazam doesn't stop there. You have the option to instantly purchase the song or stream it to enjoy your favorite music anytime. Thanks to Shazam, accessing your favorite tracks has never been easier.

With Secrétaire AI and Shazam, you have a personal music assistant at your fingertips. Say goodbye to moments when you wonder, "What's this song?" Let Secrétaire AI and Shazam accompany you in your musical explorations and help you stay connected to the music you love. Download Secrétaire AI now and enjoy this unparalleled musical experience!

Secrétaire AI

Secrétaire AI

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