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Image Generation


Draw an ultra-realistic whale diving out of the water.

Draw me a picture of the Eiffel Tower.

Draw me a comic strip.

Image Generation

Ask Secrétaire to generate something you have in mind, and Secrétaire will provide you with four downloadable images!

Secrétaire AI's "Image Generation" feature offers users a captivating and creative experience. Thanks to this advanced artificial intelligence feature, users can let their imaginations run wild by asking Secrétaire AI to create unique, personalized images to meet their most varied requests. Users can simply express their ideas using phrases such as "Generate a picturesque landscape image with a meandering river and majestic mountains", "Show me a realistic drawing of a playful cat, capturing the grace of a twirling butterfly", or "Create a cartoon-style illustration depicting a fantastic adventure with a fearless dragon and a brave knight facing an enchanted forest". Secrétaire AI takes the user's preferences into account, whether for image style, theme, colors, details and much more.

When the user makes a request, Secrétaire AI uses its powerful artificial intelligence model to interpret requests and generate images accordingly. Thanks to its deep learning, Secrétaire AI can create realistic images with striking detail, impressionist-style artwork that captures the essence of an emotion, or even cartoon-style illustrations that elicit an instant smile. Whether for illustrations, landscapes, portraits, fictional characters, or even abstract concepts, Secrétaire AI is capable of creating impressive and inspiring visuals. The "Image Generation" feature also offers the possibility of refining results by adding additional details to the query.

For example, users can specify details such as "Add pastel tones to create a soft, soothing atmosphere", "Make the sky clear with a warm sunset that evokes a feeling of serenity", or "Make sure the main character wears a shining sword to emphasize his heroism and bravery". Users can ask Secrétaire AI to create explanatory graphics for professional presentations, illustrations for school projects, to communicate information in a visually engaging way.

Secrétaire AI's "Image Generation" feature opens an infinite door of creative possibilities for users of all backgrounds. Whether for inspiration, artistic expression, or simply to explore visual ideas, Secrétaire AI is ready to bring its users' visions to life with unique, personalized images.

Try out this innovative feature now and discover a new artistic universe at your fingertips. Marvel at the magic of creation, and let Secrétaire AI be your creative companion as you explore a world of captivating, evocative images.

Secrétaire AI

Secrétaire AI

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