Outbound calls

Create large-scale telephone call campaigns in a few clicks. Import your list of recipients/clients/prospects and let your assistant achieve your goals for you.


Campaign Creation:

Planning to prospect new clients for a promotional campaign? Let Phonebot.io take care of this mission for you. Benefit from an optimized phoning campaign with relevant AI responses, allowing your phonebot to dynamically adapt to each situation based on the information you have provided. Maximize your success while controlling your costs through the efficiency of Phonebot.io.

Our platform simplifies the outreach process by handling the calling of your potential customer list while customizing interactions according to your preferences. Just provide the phone numbers via an Excel or CSV document, and Phonebot.io takes care of the rest. This allows you to focus on the overall strategy of your campaign rather than operational details.

Once the campaign is underway, get a detailed report directly on your dashboard. Analyze the number of customers who responded positively, identify those interested in more information, and adjust your approach based on the feedback received. This total transparency provides clear visibility into your campaign's performance, allowing you to optimize your communication for even more compelling results.

With Phonebot.io, you get a comprehensive solution that not only facilitates telemarketing but also makes it more efficient and cost-effective. Free yourself from operational constraints while staying informed and in control through our integrated platform. Phonebot.io: the ideal ally for conducting successful telemarketing campaigns without excessive hassle.

Customize Your Instructions:

Aspiring to adjust the instructions for your calls based on each potential customer? With Phonebot.io, this possibility becomes an accessible and practical reality! Our platform offers the flexibility to adapt your initial briefing based on various criteria such as the age or geographical location of your customer.

Imagine the many options available to you: customize your approach based on the specific preferences of each customer on your CSV file, then entrust Phonebot.io with the responsibility of implementing these tailor-made adjustments. With our technology, you can optimize your communication in a targeted and effective manner, offering a unique and perfectly tailored customer experience.

Discover a new dimension in personalizing interactions with your customers and turn each call into an opportunity for authentic connection. Phonebot.io, the key to smart customization of your calls!


By using Phonebot.io, you will have access to an intuitive dashboard that serves as a real window into the use of your virtual assistant. This dashboard provides real-time visibility into all interactions, offering valuable data to assess and optimize the effectiveness of your virtual assistant.

With this powerful tool, you can explore in detail the various conversations of your customers, providing an in-depth perspective on their needs, concerns, and interactions. Analyzing this data will enable you to make informed decisions to continuously improve the performance of your virtual assistant, adjusting it to more accurately meet the expectations of your users.

Phonebot.io's dashboard functions as a central control panel, providing crucial information such as conversion rates, frequently asked questions, and other relevant metrics. This total transparency in the use of your virtual assistant gives you the power to optimize its operation in real-time, creating a more satisfying user experience.

Additionally, the conversation tracking feature allows you to monitor the evolution of interactions, identify emerging trends, and customize the customer experience accordingly. This becomes an essential tool for adjusting your strategy based on real-time feedback, strengthening the relevance and usefulness of your virtual assistant.

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