Inbound calls

Set up chatbots and phonebots to meet your customers' needs in record time. Transmit information specific to your business and benefit from the best support for your company.


Here's a list of's features:

Answering questions : enables your customers or future customers to get all the information they need to understand your business, over the phone or on a chatbot. Avoid unwanted solicitations and concentrate on what you do best, your work.

Appointment booking :

Hairdresser? Doctor? Restaurant owner? You're often approached by customers who want to visit your establishment. Using a chatbot or phonebot, your customers can book an appointment in a matter of seconds. Connect your account to Google Calendar and watch appointments appear automatically throughout the day. You'll receive an e-mail confirmation for each confirmed appointment.

Dashboard :

Using, you'll have a dashboard that provides you with all the data you need in real time on the use of your virtual assistant. You'll have access to all your customers' conversations, enabling you to analyze your data and see how effective your assistant is.

Save time and money:

Are you the sole manager in your company, juggling work and telephone calls to answer your customers? Or do you have an assistant who takes care of answering your customers, but who represents a significant cost? In either case, is for you. Combine flexibility and low costs to enjoy the best working conditions and the best value for money.

Unified data :

Use two tools to improve your company's performance, save money and time, all in a single configuration. In fact, most of the data you need to provide for the Chatbot to function properly is shared with the Phonebot; so you can benefit from both tools for less effort! Twice the results for the same effort!

Calendar's "Calendar" function makes managing your appointments child's play. Your customers can book appointments quickly and efficiently over the phone with our phonebot, while learning more about your company. Each time a booking is made, an e-mail confirmation is sent, eliminating any misunderstandings. This feature frees you from administrative hassles, allowing you to concentrate on your core business, whether you're a hairdresser, healthcare professional or restaurateur. Opt for simplified appointment management with and offer your customers a frictionless experience.

Secrétaire AI

Secrétaire AI

Откройте для себя новую эру продуктивности с Secrétaire AI, вашим умным союзником, который революционизирует вашу повседневную жизнь, упрощая задачи, предвосхищая ваши потребности и предлагая персонализированный опыт для более эффективной и насыщенной жизни.

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